WDAD Study 2023


We are planning a worldwide, cross-sectional 1-Day Point Prevalence Study at the next World Delirium Awareness Day on March 15th 2023

What is the delirium rate on your unit or ward at 8 a.m. in the morning and 8 p.m. in the evening?
What are your delirium specific structures, processes, and barriers on your ward or unit?

Join us to find out!

We are looking for national collaborators! Just send us an email with your name, profession, affiliation, city, and country.

The study is approved by the Ethic Committee of the Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, Germany (D519/22), and in the German Registry for Clinical Trials (DRKS00030002). The study will be in concordance with the European law of Data Protection.

Stay tuned for more content

Heidi Lindroth (RN, USA)
Keibun Liu (MD Australia, Japan)
Peter Nydahl (RN, Germany)
Rebecca von Haken (MD, Germany)


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